Dub FX - Future

Dub FX Future Lyrics

Where is the future where is the past
Astronomy without technology cannot last
Solar system colonies, teleport machines
Imminent optimism grasped
We're taking it back to our dreams
Full steam as we scheme into a future unseen
A blank canvas screen
We're taking it shaking it making it gleam
Let's scream…

Netsky - Iron Heart

Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix)

illskillz Ft. Flower Fairy | Super Heavy Tune

Mongoose - Land Of The Free feat. Cade, Dub fx

Mongoose ft. Dub FX, Cade - Land of the Free Lyrics

LandLord called said the rent came Late
Sent his friend fear to Investigate
Theres a ROAR at the door saying LET ME IN
Shit, five more minutes probably kick it in
Neighbours ignoring my scene
Eyes on the bubble gum TV screen
LIKE slam Bust the door
So I, Commando roll down my living room floor
Flat mate on his P S 3 im like
Quick man grab it and come with me
but he sits without a flinch and fears sees me
He reaches to his hip & then he fires out 3
So i DIVE, mid flight grab the toaster
Land in the kitchen MAN looks like me
Pack 2 rounds of bread hit em in the head
& when he's DAZED make my escape WHAT


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