Snoop Dogg - This Weed Iz Mine ft. Wiz Khalifa


Snoop Dogg This Weed Iz Mine Lyrics

I wake up early in the morning and it feels so good
Smoking on some shit that you wish you could
Jealousy envy please don't feel bad
This weed is mine get your own bag
A sack full of O.G. under lock and key
None for the homies this is all for me
Got a blunt looking like a Cali palm tree
Police roll by I got nothing on me
Cause the smokes already in the air
I'm locc'd up with two braids in my hair
All star star with the kh
aki suit
I'm a fuck around and take it back to classic Snoop
On the east side standing on the V.I.P.
Back then the only red was E-Y-E
You's a P.Y.T. and you looking so fine
I'm sorry baby girl but tonight


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