Linkin Park - Wretches And Kings

Linkin Park Wretches And Kings Lyrics

Linkin Park - Given Up

Linkin Park Given Up Lyrics

Wake in a sweat again
Another day's been laid to waste
In my disgrace

Magnetic Man - I Need Air

Magnetic Man I Need Air Lyrics

Electrify my body
And you're making me feel
Like I'm so electric
Everything you do is making me
Blow, blow, blow

Pearl Jam - Crown of Thorns

Pearl Jam Crown of Thorns Lyrics

you ever hear the story of mr. faded glory?
say he who rides a pony must someday fall
i was talkin' to my alter
says life is what you make it
and if you make it death well rest your soul away
away, away...

MC Xander 'Sick Of The Lies'

MC Xander Sick Of Lies Lyrics

We’ll never have another, don’t be a silly bugger,
Check under the tree have a more than a stocking stuffer
It make my belly shudder, Don’t want to eat my supper
Come mother earth wanna serve jam and peanut butter

Thievery Corporation - Free

Thievery Corporation - Culture Of Fear

Parker - Calling you ( p.zilla remix )

KoRn Ft. Skrillex - Get Up!

KoRn Ft. Skrillex Get Up Lyrics

I am clearly broken
And no one knows what to do
Pieces of the puzzles don't fit so I'm coming into you
Itching is a pulse inside
Screaming out to come alive
It's just you and I
It's time to

Limp Bizkit - Get a Life

Limp Bizkit Get a Life Lyrics

Check it out, it's the outlaw white dog,
Often called by my alias Polar Bear.
Brain tied like the S&M freak shit,
Cold like the ice you're serving up my drinks with.


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